Battle Field 3 VS. Modern Warfare 3

Posted: July 16, 2012 by thegamergod in Debates
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One of the hottest debates on at the moment is between the hugely popular Battle Field 3 and Modern Warfare 3, I personally own both and have become addicted to BF3 but tell me what you think!

In my opinion BF3 is much more co-operative online, while the vehicles are all sick, the maps are HUGE and its scary how realistic it is (you can blow up pretty much anything :D). However it is only single player meaning friends or in my case younger brother have to admire or cringe at your skills.  Another benefit of Battlefield 3 is the ability to join whatever server and map that you want and even create your own online server for people to play on, giving you more freedom to play the maps you want to play when you want to play them unlike in MW3 where you are forced to play on a certain map which = RAGE QUITS!!!

MW3 on the other hand does not only allow a multiplayer mode where up to 4 people can just kill each other to their hearts content and co-op missions (Special-Ops) but also 2 people can play together online, side by side!  In this sense MW3 is very co-op with the people you are with but still not in a gameplay sense because it lacks dependency on other online players that BF3 has.  For example there are no vehicles to ride in together or ways to share ammo and heal each other etc. There is also an overall lack of diversity towards the player because of the fact there are no vechiles meaning you are always on foot and that you always have the same weapons no matter what team ( eg. Spetznaz) you are on at that time.

Overall I think that both BF3 and MW3 are EPIC games and both have there own positives and negatives meaning that your opinions matter all the more!  Be sure to post!

  1. fifamaestro says:

    I personally love battlefield. too many noobs on cod.

    • thegamergod says:

      Do you play on PS3 or Xbox and is that because BF3 is harder or are the players just better?

      • fifamaestro says:

        I play on Xbox. I think that BF is harder than COD because the weapons are appropriately powered and not overpowered as in Call Of Duty ( I HATE quick scopers ). Your player also has a more realistic amount of health, making online play more tactical rather than the whole team rushing out into the open in COD. This means that the gamer requires some skill to successfully complete an online battle. In BF there are different classes to make yourself useful to your team, each with different weapons to unlock. This makes online play more like a real battle, where teamwork is required. In COD your player is completely independent. I feel that BF is a better game with more exciting online play.

  2. thegamergod says:

    Thanks for such a detailed reply! I completely agree esp. with the kind of cooperation the classes in BF3 allows and that there is much more guerrilla warfare, sneaking behind buildings etc. which COD maps lack.

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