Posted: July 19, 2012 by AlexBrick in Minecraft

In Minecraft, mods, are a great way to enhance the game and make it much more interesting, mods can even totally change Minecraft, making it seem like a different game altogether. Mods can be easily downloaded off the internet and then installed into the game as showed in a tutorial I will post in the future. You can even make your own mod or get  downloads like Tekkit which have pre-installed mods on it, making it much easier for noobs so they don’t waste their time, trust me, I know! Some people may even use mods to hack on multiplayer servers, making them either be able to run really fast or kill in one hit! I WILL NOT BE POSTING THESE FOR YOUR BENEFITS, YOU MAY GET BANNED FROM A SERVER BECAUSE OF THESE!!! (Don’t get the XRAY MOD!) Here are some of my personal favorites:

Mo’s Creatures: This is one of my favorite mods because it adds some great mobs to the game like werewolves, sharks, bunnies and many more. You may even get lucky and find a fairy!

Hunger Games mod: Maybe you have to fight against computers but it’s still fun! On this mod you get to start an intense game of hunger games with the cornucopia and even Katniss! Set the rules to what you want them to be like and get started.

Millenaire mod: This mod is another favourite. Who wouldn’t want to have villagers walking around and building a town for you? Find a village and instantly start supplying them with materials to build! This mod also downloads many other resources to build with.

Balkan’s weapon mod: Have you ever wanted to spice up Minecraft with some dynamite? Or even shoot a chicken with a musket? Download Balkan’s weapon mod and get uo to 20 new weapons to defend or kill with!

More explosives mod: A personal favorite here. Make the biggest crater you’ll ever see or shoot some tnt with a bazooka, this is what Minecraft is all about! 😀

Too Many Items mod: Just an all round easier mod on singleplayer!

There are also so many more mods on Minecraft and you can check some out at

Feel free to post any of your favorite mods below! 🙂

  1. fifamaestro says:

    I found this mod while surfing the web. It is for single player only : ( but makes your experience on minecraft a lot better. It enables console commands. press ‘t’ to bring up the menu and then type your command with a ‘/’ at the beginning. A few of my favorites are:
    ‘/fly 10’ lets you fly on survival, at 10x the speed.
    ‘/duplicate 3’ if i run out of wood, i get my current number cubed.
    ‘/explode 100’ my personal favorite, gives an explosion equivalent to 100 TNTs!!!

    Can be downloaded here:

    A list of all commands here:

    PS. I also recommend the SummerFields texture pack.

    Happy Crafting!

  2. flamingyeti says:

    Thanks for the reply looks like a good mod!

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