Frag or Semtex

Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty, Debates
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In MW2, MW3, Black Ops, there has been the difficult decision between using frag or semtex grenades, personally i have always been wondering which was better so I decided to look into it.

Overall I think it really depends on your opinion for which is better and what playing style you have, frag grenades are slower to throw and need to be cooked meaning they are better for  pre-assaults and blind throws (over buildings etc.) meaning they aren’t great for battles or surprise attacks. However they do have a larger blast area and do more damage than a semtex meaning you are also more likely to get multi-kills.  Frag grenades are also less predictable as the enemy never knows how long until they explode and they also roll and bounce of walls which is great for surprise attacks or when your under heavy fire.

The Semtex is very different and what personally, I usually use.  Not only does the semtex look really cool but it also is much quicker to throw and sticks to everything meaning it cant be thrown back in your face and is very good for assaults and quick use.  The semtex also has a pre-set timer making it much more predictable than the frag esp. as it cant roll away for where you intended it to go, another really handy feature is that you can put the semtex away again rather than throwing it, like with the throwing knife you arent force to either waste it or have it blow up in your hand.

Overall I think what ever you prefer is great either way they get way more kills then I would trying to use a throwing knife so tell me what you think!  Semtex or Frag???

  1. honestly, i think semtex is better for all the reasons you stated plus, you often have better accuracy with them because they are slightly lighter

  2. armedncrazy says:

    Here are some raw stats
    The Frag takes 0.6 seconds to pull the pin and have the grenade ready to throw/start the fuse.
    The fuse is 3.5 seconds. 15 direct impact damage.
    200 – 75 damage and 6.5 meter range (about 5m is lethal).

    Semtex also takes 0.6 seconds to prepare.
    Two second fuse. 15 direct damage on stick.
    200 – 55 damage and a 6.5 meter radius (about 4.4m is lethal).

    I personally believe frag is better because if you are a very good user of the frag, you can get very good timing to make it so the enemy has literally no time to avoid it.

    • thegamergod says:

      Thanks for the comment, which COD are the stats from? I always thought that the frag would take longer to throw while i guess it still takes longer to detonate.

      • Mag Smith says:

        There’s always going to be a wright time to use each. E.g. You can use frags to clear a room by bouncing it of a wall but with a Semtex there is a higher chance of kill when you can see someone because it can’t bounce around.
        There will never be a right answer but I prefer Semtex but that’s simply personal preference.

  3. thegamergod says:

    Thank you for the comment! How should we improve the blog and why would you say that Flaming Yeti is a retard???

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