Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Minecraft

Have you ever thought of a game which is hack n’ slash but at the same time you can use your total imagination to build things? Well here it is:WARNING: MINECRAFT IS VERY ADDICTING! (I personally, have spent a lot of time playing it! :D)

On this page I’m going to share: Minecraft noob tips, Pvp (Player vs. Player) techniques, Mob killing (zombies, skeletons etc.), Farming, Rare encouters like spider jockeys and pink sheep, servers, mods, texturepacks, add-ons to the game like spoutcraft or tekkit and much more!

Feel free to comment on anything and share your tips with us!

  1. cosimo says:

    hey could you like give a few guidelines for a good start or maybe any good hacks

    • thegamergod says:

      We definitely will add guidlines and advice for everyone from noobs to advanced players on everything from basic tips to how to change your skin and texture pack and even a list of some of the best servers out there! Be sure to follow us for the stuff to come!

      • fifamaestro says:

        I did the hack where you get console commands on single player (I do not have the full version, so cannot play online) and am currently using the Summerfield texture pack, which i find increases the graphics significantly. It is an HD pack but does not require any special downloaders to install. ( I think it is the best texture pack ). Hope this helped Cosimo.


      • thegamergod says:

        Just by the way we are going to be doing a post on all the best texture packs and skins and how to get them later on so stay tuned for it!

  2. fifamaestro says:

    I have not played minecraft for a bit and feel that I am a bit rusty. Any one got some tips?

    PS. @gamergod, I think there is a bug with your ‘MODS:’ blog, wont let me post a comment. Thanks!

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