The Best weapons and perks for Assaulting in MW2!

Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty


Modern Warfare 2 is and will always be my favorite COD game so I figured I would add some of my favorite weapons and perks which are based upon how you like to play the game!

Assault:  The assault class is for those of you who like fast gameplay with lots of running and getting behind the enemy lines to pile in the kills but also end up with a few more deaths.  MW2 is by far the most deadly for the assault class because shotguns are secondary and perks like commando are INSANE!  Some of the best weapons are obviously in the assault class but we recommend:

ACR- extremely accurate and has a long range making it great to take out snipers and get nice and close and also for headshots but it does lack damage some other guns deliver I recommend a holographic sight to even further increase the accuracy or a grenade laucher.

Scar-H- Very versatile and has great accuracy with lots of damage meaning it is great close or from further distances, the Scar H is also unlocked at level 8! Meaning it is a great gun to level you up really quickly.  Best with either a red dot sight or grenade launcher.

AK47- This gun looks really cool and is great close up but i would recommend using a grenade launcher for those further kills because it does have a lot of recoil, unfortunately it is one of the very last guns you unlock meaning if you prestige you don’t get to really gain any of the attachments which you will already have on other guns.

UMP- This gun is great for close fights esp with a red dot sight or a silencer to reduce the recoil but the magazine is pretty small  so its better for individual encounters.

As a secondary weapon I recommend using either a shotgun like the Striker because of its huge magazine or the Spas-12 because of its range to get close quarters kills.  You can also use a pistol like the M9 or USP.45 depending on which one you prefer but ill be talking more about secondary guns at a later date.  Also I would recommend a semtex because you can throw it much faster and it doesn’t need to be cooked.  The best perks are:

Sleight of Hand Pro- Is EPIC because not only do you reload faster to get more kills but also scope down your sights much faster allowing you just that crucial extra second to get more kills.

Lightweight Pro-  This allows you to run and turn so much faster then everyone else meaning it saves you a lot of running time and allows you to get under cover quickly, the Pro also allows you to scope in after sprinting which allows you to kill any unexpected enemy’s you run past before they can kill you.

Commando Pro- There is a reason this perk doesn’t exist anymore and that’s because it was EPIC and allowed you to knife people from huge distances instantly ending a brawl, you also don’t take any fall damage which is really fun because you can jump off anything and never die!

I hope this helps if your interested in assaulting for MW2, for Black Ops and MW3 ill be doing some gun posts but you want to try and use perks and guns which are lightweight and good close quarters!  Be sure to share what perks and guns you use and tell use how this info works for you!  Go kill some NOOBS!


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