Best Sniper Rifle in COD!

Posted: July 20, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty
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Please comment on this post because I want to know which sniper rifle you love the most (it rhymes :D)!  In all of the COD games my favorite sniper rifle is by far the Intervention, not only is it the sexiest sniper rifle ever invented but it does loads of damage, is very accurate, sounds really cool and has a very short recoil time meaning its ideal for quick scoping.   It is also bolt action which I feel for COD is better because they always have straight up recoil (unlike the Barrett.50) and makes you pause between shots rather than firing too soon.  However my second favorite gun which I also love is the M14 EBR which although it lacks damage is semi-automatic and has NO recoil meaning you can unload entire magazines at enemy “tangos”.

Just writing this is turning me on to quickscope, be sure to comment!

  1. creepycreeper says:

    My favorite is the M40A3 from COD 4. Cus it’s always a one shot kill, it’s got great handling and it looks simple yet sexy.

  2. flamingyeti says:

    Ya either M40A3 or Intervention!!! They both rule but I like the sound of the M40A3 more!

  3. thegamergod says:

    Intervention Forever!

  4. edpenn13 says:

    L96 from black ops. First time that quickscoping was challenging due to the sway. I also loved the sound of it.

  5. thegamergod says:

    Thanks for the comment I have to agree that for Black Ops the L96 is my favorite and was pretty hard to get quick scopes with as a gun but also because you couldn’t go down your sights quickly with any sniper rifles in Black Ops! Does anyone else like the L96?

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