Fast Travel in Skyrim!

Posted: July 20, 2012 by thegamergod in The Elder Scrolls


Hi!  For everyone out there who needs to travel in Skyrim to some city in the middle of nowhere like Markaarth but doesn’t know how to get there without walking for hours and likely getting killed by a Frost Troll or something then this is how to do it!  Normally you can just fast travel anywhere but the problem is you have to have already explored the place!  My tip, the way to be able to travel to any city is to look for a guy in a wagon, right before the entrance to any city, next to the stables, if you talk to him then you can travel to any other city irrelevant of if you have ever traveled there before for around only 10 gold pieces!!!  Not only does this save you loads of time and not risk dying but is also great for leveling up because you can access loads of great, new and fun quest you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do for a while and also allows you to join the city Guilds which give you great gear and loads of levels!

Hope this helps save you some time! (trust me I learned this the hard way) leave a comment for any questions or any other fast travel tips!!!


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