Posted: July 20, 2012 by AlexBrick in Minecraft

Hello, and welcome to my noob tips! This is for all those lame noobs out there who are desperately scouring the web for any tips they can get! One of the most commonly questions asked on this “confusing” game is: “HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!! HOW DO I BREAK BLOCKS!!!” So first of all, here is the answer to that:


Ok, if you got that then great! If not… then i have no idea how you ever got onto the internet in the first place!

Now, for the rest of these “amazing” tips!

1. Left click to hit, right click to place.

2.Never dig straight down! – You’ll hit some lava if your lucky!

3.Build a house immediately.


5.Don’t try and swim underwater for too long…

6.Try not to swim in lava.

7.Use W,A,S,D keys to move. Duuuuhhhh!

8.Hold shift to stay on a block and not fall off!

9.Double tap W and hold for a run!

10.Try not to be outside at night time…

11.Use torches!

12.If you value your house, then put torches in it please! – Monsters spawn in dark places!

13.DON’T FIGHT CREEPERS! – They are the green things with no arms and that blow up in your face!

14.Do not drop sand or gravel above you. – You will suffocate!

15.If about to die turn the settings to easy. – This will kill all the monsters and help you keep your gear!

16.When cave spiders are found RUN! – They poison and kill you but are only found in mine shafts.

17. Stay in water when killing endermen. – They get hurt by water!

18.Please, don’t burn down the forest…

19.Do not jump down cliffs thinking you will live. This is not Halo!

20.Build your first house by tunneling into a mountain. – It’s the easiest way!

21.If on mac hold down ‘fn’ on your keyboard if not you don’t have to but click on the F1, F2, F3 and so on. – This will change different things, check it out!

22.To get to options click ‘esc’ and check out different things you can do! – You can change your performance, making it less glitchy or change the controls to your liking!

23.Ummm… please don’t mine the diamonds with a wood, stone or gold pick… – This will not get you any diamonds because the picks are too weak! Use Iron!

For recipes to different things go here

Well, noobs and nooblets, that about sums it up for the noob tips. Oh, and one more, KEEP YOUR DIAMONDS SAFE! 😀

If you have any other questions, please ask! REMEMBER: We were all noobs at one point! (Trust me, I learnt this all from experience!)


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