Posted: July 20, 2012 by AlexBrick in Minecraft

Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you about the basics of multiplayer mode! Servers! When you first get onto Minecraft it’ll say “Singleplayer” and “Multiplayer”, click on “Multiplayer”. Then you will have “Join server”, “Direct connect”, “Add server” and so on… Click on “Add server”. This will open up a page with two bars, in the top one you put the title that you want it to be named and in the bottom put the real server address (IP). On this post I will be sharing some of my favorite server IPs:

Vindicraft, – This server is one of the first I joined and it is growing by the second. One of the best things about it is it has the heros plugin (a plugin is like a mod but for a server, affecting everyone on the server) this give a whole new element to the game creating the weakest classes and the best classes. This server also has many other commonly known plugins such as factions.

Great Light Desert, – It’s a huge desert! On this server you have to try and survive to get trees and food in the scorching desert while having crazy people with diamond armor chase after you! This server has an excellent plugin called *More diamonds!!!* This plugin does exactly what it says IT GIVES YOU MORE DIAMONDS!!! You basically find them at any level in the ground and in big deposits. This server does not have the heros plugin, sadly, but it has some common ones like towny etc.

RedvsBlue, (it is serve not server!) – TOTAL PVP (player vs player)!!! Two teams, Red and Blue it is a constant battle between who get the fortresses and also a sweat-breaking brawl between who can keep the best gear. This is my personal favorite server! (I’m on red team!)

INFECTED!!! – This is just like that classic MW3 zombie infection where a couple people are infected in the beginning and then they spread the disease until everyone is infected! Try and stay alive for the longest on some of the best Call Of Duty maps! You can even rank up and start with better gear in the next game.

The Right Server, – It’s a small community server with active ops and a wonderful community. It’s almost entirely grief free and is normal survival server. There are basic plugins such as teleporting and world guard and chestshop but is otherwise completely vanilla (mod free).

On all these servers if you do join them please look out for us, say “hi bagdaddyrun, nice blog” or something like that! Our In Game Names (IGN) are:




ArMeDnCrAzY=ArMeDnCrAzY (sooooo annoying to type!)

Thanks for reading this and go get on those servers!

  1. flamingyeti says:

    You will definitely see us on RedvsBlue!

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