Posted: July 24, 2012 by thegamergod in Games to Get...

Minecraft – costs 20$ online purchase, available on computer or xBox, multiplayer and single-player, very customizable! Here’s the link to the real site… Minecraft Site

WARNING: Minecraft is very addicting because it’s so epic/immersing…

Our Summary:
Minecraft allows you to be very creative and make what ever you want, from building a wood house and surviving the night, to building massive explosions with mind-blowingly complex redstone circuits! Yet there are also optional objectives and huge amounts of freedom to do what ever you want, how you want it! For example not only can completely change the way the game and your person look through texture packs and minecraft skins but also completely change the game and what you can do in it with mods! In Multiplayer mode you can join huge amounts of different servers or make your own which allows you to connect with friends and other players meaning as well as surviving from zombies and skeletons it’s other greedy players trying to steal all your goodies!

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