Posted: July 25, 2012 by AlexBrick in Uncategorized

Hello everyone! I’m sorry for not posting in a while for I have been very busy killing people on the Minecraft server, Vindicraft! (This server is in the servers post.)

Today I’m going to be talking about getting a skin for Minecraft! You don’t like the lame, old and boring Steve skin which makes you look like a total noob? Well guess what? Nobody does! Here is a step by step guide for getting a skin:

1. Go on a website that supplies skins, e.g The Skindex.

2. Then find a skin you want, click on it and look at the buttons on the side.

3. They basically tell you what the button will do, but the one you want to click is the “Upload to Minecraft” button.

4. After clicking on it a window will open on the Minecraft website, it will ask you to log in if you aren’t already and may pull up a page saying “change skin”. If not, then log in if not already, close the page, and then just click the “Upload to Minecraft” button again and it should come up with the “change skin” page.

5. MAKE SURE that you are not online Minecraft or on the home page at the time of changing your skin or else it will take a very long time for the skin to change!

You can also make a skin by yourself but that will be in a later tutorial!

Go get those skins! 😀

  1. MinePick says:

    Thanks for useful tutorial. 🙂

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