Weapons and Vehicles in Warhawk!

Posted: July 25, 2012 by thegamergod in Game of the Week, Warhawk
 This post will show you guys all the weapons, vehicles and even weapons of the vehicles available in Warhawk!
The Weapons: Here are the weapons (along with pros and cons) in Warhawk:
-Pistol: Unlimited Ammo, Short Range
-Combat Knife: Instant Kill, Melee Only
-Rifle: Rapid-Fire, Low Damage, Medium Range
-Flamethrower: Severe Damage, Short Range, Great Area Damage
-Sniper Rifle: Longest Range, Low Fire Rate, Very Powerful
-Rocket Launcher: Lock-On, Can Kill Self
-Grenades: Fast-Exploding, Can Kill Self
-Proximity Mines: Detonate When People Walk By, Can Be Destroyed With Any Weapon
-Binoculars: Artillery Strike, Takes Time to Lock-On
Personally my favorite weapon is the Binoculars because they are so powerful and all the enemy can do is run for their lives when they see the laser at their feet!  Its also very fun to light people on fire!!! 🙂
The vehicles available in Warhawk are:
-Tank: Only one person can ride in the tank, It is very strong (+2 hits from a rocket launcher)
-AA-Gun: Fires shrapnel, Only good against planes
-Missile Turret: Locks onto any vehicle, Very powerful, Slow lock on rate, Warhawk must use chaff to avoid missiles
-Truck: Seats 3 people, Turret on back, Rapid fire and powerful
-Warhawk: Huge arsenal of weapons(see below), Large amounts of control, Easy to land, No parachute available
(The jet pack is also available as part of a DLC)
Here are all the available weapons/abilities for the Warhawk:
-Machine Guns: These have unlimited ammo, but can overheat and can’t lock-on.
-Swarm Missiles: You can fire up to 8 or these at a time, has a lock-on feature, but is easy to evade.
-Homing Missiles: These can lock-on to enemies, and are hard to evade, but you must hold a “bead” on the player for a certain amount of time to complete the lock-on.
-TOW Missile: A player-controlled missile that does massive damage, drawbacks are limited fuel and that you have to put the Warhawk in hover mode to use it.
-Cluster Bomb: A bomb that spreads out 25 explosive across an area, effective against ground troops and ground vehicles, but precise timing is needed.
-Aerial Mine: A proximity mine in the area, deals a ton of damage, but just floats in one place and is easy to destroy.
-Energy Weapon: A chargeable weapon that can deal plenty of damage to any soldier and stays in the area for a while to kill the remainder, but has limited energy.
-Avionics: Turn your plane invisible, to both the naked eye and the radar, but severely limited in time, once you attack, it stops working.
-Chaff: A spray of foild that shakes off any locks that other players have on you. A valuable defense item.
Here are all the weapons and awesome gear available in Warhawk so go use it!
Credit to Xanog Big Daddy from the Playstation site please check out his guide to Warhawk here.

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