Skyrim Classes

Posted: August 8, 2012 by thegamergod in The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim because of its huge amount of available customization there is a huge variety of different classes and races to make your character so here’s all the best classes we recommend for your characters!

Firstly there are a few questions you should ask yourself about what kind of character you want! Class:

Your first descision should be what class you want to be (a fighter, spell caster etc.) all the classes are arguably good but here are the best and the worst:

Fighter- Is always a good class, a single handed weapon with a shield is definetly the best and most boring and if you want to be different like me then two handed weapons are also really fun and good!  No mater what you do dont dual wield single handed weapons no matter how cool they look because its impossible to defend yourself!

Mage- Mages are very powerful and fun to use especially when you have a fighter as a companion to tank for you, Destruction and Restoration are the best magics to use.  Another relly fun and cool class is a battle mage which uses a one handed weapon and restoration magic or destruction at the same time rather than a shield.

Archer- I highly recommend not becoming a fully committed archer because they are very under powered in Skyrim (they are epic in Oblivion) but archery especially when used for sneak attacks can be very useful and fun.

Race: Your second descision should be what race (Human, Nord, Orc etc.) you want to be, your race effects what skills you naturally start as better at, what you look like and give you a daily power or ability. However please bear in mind that your race does not really matter in the long run as you can train in other skills and change your mind about what you want your character to do without having to start a new one (for example I have an orc with a two handed battleaxe and heavy armor and love sneaking and pick pocketing people 🙂 ) yet it is still helpful if you have a general idea on what kind class you want your character to be.

Please ask me for any questions about what class and race combos work for you and if you want and help or advice if your unsure what character you want to have!  A list of all the possible races is here! Be sure to join the debate coming up for which is the best Skyrim race!


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