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Posted: January 16, 2013 by thegamergod in Uncategorized

If you haven’t noticed nothing had been posted on this blog for sadly almost 6 months… After this time off I have been motivated to start posting again and try to increase our popularity and views but this time on a NEW site! Therefore we are “back in business” and stay tuned for some pretty handy tips on any games ranging from WOW to Black Ops 2 pretty soon!


Skyrim Classes

Posted: August 8, 2012 by thegamergod in The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim because of its huge amount of available customization there is a huge variety of different classes and races to make your character so here’s all the best classes we recommend for your characters!

Firstly there are a few questions you should ask yourself about what kind of character you want! Class:

Your first descision should be what class you want to be (a fighter, spell caster etc.) all the classes are arguably good but here are the best and the worst:

Fighter- Is always a good class, a single handed weapon with a shield is definetly the best and most boring and if you want to be different like me then two handed weapons are also really fun and good!  No mater what you do dont dual wield single handed weapons no matter how cool they look because its impossible to defend yourself!

Mage- Mages are very powerful and fun to use especially when you have a fighter as a companion to tank for you, Destruction and Restoration are the best magics to use.  Another relly fun and cool class is a battle mage which uses a one handed weapon and restoration magic or destruction at the same time rather than a shield.

Archer- I highly recommend not becoming a fully committed archer because they are very under powered in Skyrim (they are epic in Oblivion) but archery especially when used for sneak attacks can be very useful and fun.

Race: Your second descision should be what race (Human, Nord, Orc etc.) you want to be, your race effects what skills you naturally start as better at, what you look like and give you a daily power or ability. However please bear in mind that your race does not really matter in the long run as you can train in other skills and change your mind about what you want your character to do without having to start a new one (for example I have an orc with a two handed battleaxe and heavy armor and love sneaking and pick pocketing people 🙂 ) yet it is still helpful if you have a general idea on what kind class you want your character to be.

Please ask me for any questions about what class and race combos work for you and if you want and help or advice if your unsure what character you want to have!  A list of all the possible races is here! Be sure to join the debate coming up for which is the best Skyrim race!

Its ALIVE!!!

Posted: August 8, 2012 by thegamergod in Uncategorized

Hey guys im sorry I havent updated the blog for a few days but there are going to be a lot of posts coming this way!  I have edited the Game of the Week to Game of the Month because I felt it would be better to have amazing games with lots of good info and content then games which lack the information they deserve!

Everyone be sure to keep following the blog if you like it and if you don’t tell what we need to do to make it better!  Gamers forever!

Weapons and Vehicles in Warhawk!

Posted: July 25, 2012 by thegamergod in Game of the Week, Warhawk
 This post will show you guys all the weapons, vehicles and even weapons of the vehicles available in Warhawk!
The Weapons: Here are the weapons (along with pros and cons) in Warhawk:
-Pistol: Unlimited Ammo, Short Range
-Combat Knife: Instant Kill, Melee Only
-Rifle: Rapid-Fire, Low Damage, Medium Range
-Flamethrower: Severe Damage, Short Range, Great Area Damage
-Sniper Rifle: Longest Range, Low Fire Rate, Very Powerful
-Rocket Launcher: Lock-On, Can Kill Self
-Grenades: Fast-Exploding, Can Kill Self
-Proximity Mines: Detonate When People Walk By, Can Be Destroyed With Any Weapon
-Binoculars: Artillery Strike, Takes Time to Lock-On
Personally my favorite weapon is the Binoculars because they are so powerful and all the enemy can do is run for their lives when they see the laser at their feet!  Its also very fun to light people on fire!!! 🙂
The vehicles available in Warhawk are:
-Tank: Only one person can ride in the tank, It is very strong (+2 hits from a rocket launcher)
-AA-Gun: Fires shrapnel, Only good against planes
-Missile Turret: Locks onto any vehicle, Very powerful, Slow lock on rate, Warhawk must use chaff to avoid missiles
-Truck: Seats 3 people, Turret on back, Rapid fire and powerful
-Warhawk: Huge arsenal of weapons(see below), Large amounts of control, Easy to land, No parachute available
(The jet pack is also available as part of a DLC)
Here are all the available weapons/abilities for the Warhawk:
-Machine Guns: These have unlimited ammo, but can overheat and can’t lock-on.
-Swarm Missiles: You can fire up to 8 or these at a time, has a lock-on feature, but is easy to evade.
-Homing Missiles: These can lock-on to enemies, and are hard to evade, but you must hold a “bead” on the player for a certain amount of time to complete the lock-on.
-TOW Missile: A player-controlled missile that does massive damage, drawbacks are limited fuel and that you have to put the Warhawk in hover mode to use it.
-Cluster Bomb: A bomb that spreads out 25 explosive across an area, effective against ground troops and ground vehicles, but precise timing is needed.
-Aerial Mine: A proximity mine in the area, deals a ton of damage, but just floats in one place and is easy to destroy.
-Energy Weapon: A chargeable weapon that can deal plenty of damage to any soldier and stays in the area for a while to kill the remainder, but has limited energy.
-Avionics: Turn your plane invisible, to both the naked eye and the radar, but severely limited in time, once you attack, it stops working.
-Chaff: A spray of foild that shakes off any locks that other players have on you. A valuable defense item.
Here are all the weapons and awesome gear available in Warhawk so go use it!
Credit to Xanog Big Daddy from the Playstation site please check out his guide to Warhawk here.

Best Sniper Class for MW2!

Posted: July 25, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty


Hey guys I figured as I had already recommended the best assault class for MW2 that I’m now going to recommend what the best Sniper class is!  The Sniper class is for those who either like quick scoping or camping and picking off enemy “tangos” from the roof of a building!

Basic Info-

Primary- Intervention or M21 EBR Image

Attachments- FMJ\Extended Mags\Thermal Scope

Secondary-Machine Pistol\Handgun

Perks- Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, Steady Aim\Commando

Equipment- Claymore\Semtex\Throwing Knife and Stun Grenade

Primary- Personally I love the Intervention because it has straight up, minimum recoil, is very accurate and with Stopping Power always gets the kill meaning this gun is great for either quick scoping or those long shots!

The M21 EBR is also EPIC because although it doesn’t do as much damage as an of the Bolt Actions it has almost no recoil at all meaning you can send entire magazines down range in a few seconds!

Attachments- These vary depending on what gun and kind of sniping you want to achieve but I would recommendImage FMJ or Extended Mag for the M21 to increase its damage or have more available ammo and FMJ or the Thermal Scope for the Intervention either to increase the overall damage (especially good for quick scoping) or to be able to see lots of enemies you otherwise would have not seen!

Secondary- I would recommend pistols in general because you can draw them much faster than shotguns and are more accurate (if you need a shotgun you are probably too close to your enemies to be sniping and should use the assault class). For the Machine Pistols they are much better for self defense against ambushes and close quarters against enemies with machine guns, the best is to dual wield G18’s!  Handguns are better for long ranged fights and from more undercover battles and the USP.45 and M9 have the least recoil and still do plenty of damage meaning they are very reliable.

Perks- Sleight of Hand is absolutely necessary to be able to scope in quickly and reload to get more kills!  Stopping Power- this perk allows just that much more damage, turning your assists into kills and can also help to blow up planes and helicopters!  Finally either Commando or Steady Aim are the best, Commando- allows you to knife enemies before they can knife you and jump from any height you might be at instead of taking the stairs!  Steady Aim is better for long distance snipers or no-scopers because it reduces the cross hair size and you can hold your breath longer.

Please be sure to leave any comments on your own recommendations or questions you have!  Happy Sniping!


Posted: July 24, 2012 by thegamergod in Games to Get...

Minecraft – costs 20$ online purchase, available on computer or xBox, multiplayer and single-player, very customizable! Here’s the link to the real site… Minecraft Site

WARNING: Minecraft is very addicting because it’s so epic/immersing…

Our Summary:
Minecraft allows you to be very creative and make what ever you want, from building a wood house and surviving the night, to building massive explosions with mind-blowingly complex redstone circuits! Yet there are also optional objectives and huge amounts of freedom to do what ever you want, how you want it! For example not only can completely change the way the game and your person look through texture packs and minecraft skins but also completely change the game and what you can do in it with mods! In Multiplayer mode you can join huge amounts of different servers or make your own which allows you to connect with friends and other players meaning as well as surviving from zombies and skeletons it’s other greedy players trying to steal all your goodies!

1st Game of the Week!

Posted: July 24, 2012 by thegamergod in Game of the Week, Games to Get..., Warhawk

Hey guys!  Firstly I know its a Tuesday and I’m really sorry to keep you all eagerly waiting as I know you all are for our first game of the week!  I’m planning to introduce the Game of the Week tell you why its our pick for this week and give you some secret tips and advice now and through the week so join in with comments and our debates which will be coming up!

This weeks game is Warhawk!  I chose Warhawk for this week because not only is it great game and pretty unknown but it was pretty much my playground for shooting stuff/(people) and introduced me to COD and Battlefield!  Warhawk is a mixture between COD and Battlefield 3 with vehicles like jets, tanks and AA-guns but also allows 4 people to be able to play online at the same time!  Meaning its great for all your friends to play and co-op tactics!  Unforgivably, Warhawk is only for PS3 so you Xbox gamers better buy a PS3 or go to a friends house because this really is a great game!

Pros- Warhawk does not only have lots of different vehicles but a wide range of EPIC weapons including the Binoculars which call in an airstrike where ever you point and really powerful landmines which stick to everything!  As before it is also 4 player online and you are also able to host your own online game for others to join with any game mode, map of your choice and lots of other options or join anyone else’s!  The maps are also really diverse and cool and cut off different parts depending on the game mode to change the tactics and key points!

Cons- There aren’t a lot of things which should be changed in this game but here are a few things which you’ll notice! Firstly unlike COD and BF3 you cant make a class or personalize your character other than his appearance meaning there are no perks or gun attachments etc. although you can level up to unlock different emblems,the frustrating thing about this is you have to find and get guns around the maps and start out with the default rifle rather than having a gun you want meaning you are more reluctant to risk your self with good guns.  The graphics are also very unrealistic but its made up for by the 4 people online and there is also a small amount of auto aim which you can turn on and off for the rifles meaning its easier for noobs to kill you and that cover isn’t very effective.  Finally there isn’t a campaign or any story line in the game meaning it lacks any background story for those who always play the campaign back to front but it also means there is a more hardcore/intense multi-player experience which personally I am more keen for!

Overall Warhawk is a really fun and co-operative game which gives you a breather and a different take from COD and BF and I’m proud to nominate it the honorific title of game of the week.  Be sure to recommend your favorite games which you think should be the game of the week or ask any questions about the game! Be sure to check out this site for lots of extra info about the game itself and its content!