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Posted: July 20, 2012 by AlexBrick in Minecraft

Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you about the basics of multiplayer mode! Servers! When you first get onto Minecraft it’ll say “Singleplayer” and “Multiplayer”, click on “Multiplayer”. Then you will have “Join server”, “Direct connect”, “Add server” and so on… Click on “Add server”. This will open up a page with two bars, in the top one you put the title that you want it to be named and in the bottom put the real server address (IP). On this post I will be sharing some of my favorite server IPs:

Vindicraft, – This server is one of the first I joined and it is growing by the second. One of the best things about it is it has the heros plugin (a plugin is like a mod but for a server, affecting everyone on the server) this give a whole new element to the game creating the weakest classes and the best classes. This server also has many other commonly known plugins such as factions.

Great Light Desert, – It’s a huge desert! On this server you have to try and survive to get trees and food in the scorching desert while having crazy people with diamond armor chase after you! This server has an excellent plugin called *More diamonds!!!* This plugin does exactly what it says IT GIVES YOU MORE DIAMONDS!!! You basically find them at any level in the ground and in big deposits. This server does not have the heros plugin, sadly, but it has some common ones like towny etc.

RedvsBlue, (it is serve not server!) – TOTAL PVP (player vs player)!!! Two teams, Red and Blue it is a constant battle between who get the fortresses and also a sweat-breaking brawl between who can keep the best gear. This is my personal favorite server! (I’m on red team!)

INFECTED!!! – This is just like that classic MW3 zombie infection where a couple people are infected in the beginning and then they spread the disease until everyone is infected! Try and stay alive for the longest on some of the best Call Of Duty maps! You can even rank up and start with better gear in the next game.

The Right Server, – It’s a small community server with active ops and a wonderful community. It’s almost entirely grief free and is normal survival server. There are basic plugins such as teleporting and world guard and chestshop but is otherwise completely vanilla (mod free).

On all these servers if you do join them please look out for us, say “hi bagdaddyrun, nice blog” or something like that! Our In Game Names (IGN) are:




ArMeDnCrAzY=ArMeDnCrAzY (sooooo annoying to type!)

Thanks for reading this and go get on those servers!



Posted: July 20, 2012 by creepycreeper in Minecraft


What is a griefer? According to wikipedia, it is: A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and harasses other players. In minecraft a griefer is the annoying idiot who breaks your house, bombs the spawn, floods the map or otherwise wrecks havoc. On most servers a griefer would get banned by an op. There are several mods in place on most severs to prevent briefing such as worldguard. This lets you protect your house so only you can break blocks in that area. If you haven’t done this, most of the time ops can tell who broke the blocks and ban them. Some servers also have factions which protect your faction and also stop you getting damage on such faction. In any case, if you see someone grief, call a mod to have him banned and if there are none on, take a screenshot and post it on the server’s website.


Posted: July 20, 2012 by AlexBrick in Minecraft

Hello, and welcome to my noob tips! This is for all those lame noobs out there who are desperately scouring the web for any tips they can get! One of the most commonly questions asked on this “confusing” game is: “HELP ME!!! HELP ME!!! HOW DO I BREAK BLOCKS!!!” So first of all, here is the answer to that:


Ok, if you got that then great! If not… then i have no idea how you ever got onto the internet in the first place!

Now, for the rest of these “amazing” tips!

1. Left click to hit, right click to place.

2.Never dig straight down! – You’ll hit some lava if your lucky!

3.Build a house immediately.


5.Don’t try and swim underwater for too long…

6.Try not to swim in lava.

7.Use W,A,S,D keys to move. Duuuuhhhh!

8.Hold shift to stay on a block and not fall off!

9.Double tap W and hold for a run!

10.Try not to be outside at night time…

11.Use torches!

12.If you value your house, then put torches in it please! – Monsters spawn in dark places!

13.DON’T FIGHT CREEPERS! – They are the green things with no arms and that blow up in your face!

14.Do not drop sand or gravel above you. – You will suffocate!

15.If about to die turn the settings to easy. – This will kill all the monsters and help you keep your gear!

16.When cave spiders are found RUN! – They poison and kill you but are only found in mine shafts.

17. Stay in water when killing endermen. – They get hurt by water!

18.Please, don’t burn down the forest…

19.Do not jump down cliffs thinking you will live. This is not Halo!

20.Build your first house by tunneling into a mountain. – It’s the easiest way!

21.If on mac hold down ‘fn’ on your keyboard if not you don’t have to but click on the F1, F2, F3 and so on. – This will change different things, check it out!

22.To get to options click ‘esc’ and check out different things you can do! – You can change your performance, making it less glitchy or change the controls to your liking!

23.Ummm… please don’t mine the diamonds with a wood, stone or gold pick… – This will not get you any diamonds because the picks are too weak! Use Iron!

For recipes to different things go here

Well, noobs and nooblets, that about sums it up for the noob tips. Oh, and one more, KEEP YOUR DIAMONDS SAFE! 😀

If you have any other questions, please ask! REMEMBER: We were all noobs at one point! (Trust me, I learnt this all from experience!)


Posted: July 19, 2012 by AlexBrick in Minecraft

In Minecraft, mods, are a great way to enhance the game and make it much more interesting, mods can even totally change Minecraft, making it seem like a different game altogether. Mods can be easily downloaded off the internet and then installed into the game as showed in a tutorial I will post in the future. You can even make your own mod or get  downloads like Tekkit which have pre-installed mods on it, making it much easier for noobs so they don’t waste their time, trust me, I know! Some people may even use mods to hack on multiplayer servers, making them either be able to run really fast or kill in one hit! I WILL NOT BE POSTING THESE FOR YOUR BENEFITS, YOU MAY GET BANNED FROM A SERVER BECAUSE OF THESE!!! (Don’t get the XRAY MOD!) Here are some of my personal favorites:

Mo’s Creatures: This is one of my favorite mods because it adds some great mobs to the game like werewolves, sharks, bunnies and many more. You may even get lucky and find a fairy!

Hunger Games mod: Maybe you have to fight against computers but it’s still fun! On this mod you get to start an intense game of hunger games with the cornucopia and even Katniss! Set the rules to what you want them to be like and get started.

Millenaire mod: This mod is another favourite. Who wouldn’t want to have villagers walking around and building a town for you? Find a village and instantly start supplying them with materials to build! This mod also downloads many other resources to build with.

Balkan’s weapon mod: Have you ever wanted to spice up Minecraft with some dynamite? Or even shoot a chicken with a musket? Download Balkan’s weapon mod and get uo to 20 new weapons to defend or kill with!

More explosives mod: A personal favorite here. Make the biggest crater you’ll ever see or shoot some tnt with a bazooka, this is what Minecraft is all about! 😀

Too Many Items mod: Just an all round easier mod on singleplayer!

There are also so many more mods on Minecraft and you can check some out at

Feel free to post any of your favorite mods below! 🙂


Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Minecraft

Have you ever thought of a game which is hack n’ slash but at the same time you can use your total imagination to build things? Well here it is:WARNING: MINECRAFT IS VERY ADDICTING! (I personally, have spent a lot of time playing it! :D)

On this page I’m going to share: Minecraft noob tips, Pvp (Player vs. Player) techniques, Mob killing (zombies, skeletons etc.), Farming, Rare encouters like spider jockeys and pink sheep, servers, mods, texturepacks, add-ons to the game like spoutcraft or tekkit and much more!

Feel free to comment on anything and share your tips with us!