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Posted: July 24, 2012 by thegamergod in Games to Get...

Minecraft – costs 20$ online purchase, available on computer or xBox, multiplayer and single-player, very customizable! Here’s the link to the real site… Minecraft Site

WARNING: Minecraft is very addicting because it’s so epic/immersing…

Our Summary:
Minecraft allows you to be very creative and make what ever you want, from building a wood house and surviving the night, to building massive explosions with mind-blowingly complex redstone circuits! Yet there are also optional objectives and huge amounts of freedom to do what ever you want, how you want it! For example not only can completely change the way the game and your person look through texture packs and minecraft skins but also completely change the game and what you can do in it with mods! In Multiplayer mode you can join huge amounts of different servers or make your own which allows you to connect with friends and other players meaning as well as surviving from zombies and skeletons it’s other greedy players trying to steal all your goodies!


1st Game of the Week!

Posted: July 24, 2012 by thegamergod in Game of the Week, Games to Get..., Warhawk

Hey guys!  Firstly I know its a Tuesday and I’m really sorry to keep you all eagerly waiting as I know you all are for our first game of the week!  I’m planning to introduce the Game of the Week tell you why its our pick for this week and give you some secret tips and advice now and through the week so join in with comments and our debates which will be coming up!

This weeks game is Warhawk!  I chose Warhawk for this week because not only is it great game and pretty unknown but it was pretty much my playground for shooting stuff/(people) and introduced me to COD and Battlefield!  Warhawk is a mixture between COD and Battlefield 3 with vehicles like jets, tanks and AA-guns but also allows 4 people to be able to play online at the same time!  Meaning its great for all your friends to play and co-op tactics!  Unforgivably, Warhawk is only for PS3 so you Xbox gamers better buy a PS3 or go to a friends house because this really is a great game!

Pros- Warhawk does not only have lots of different vehicles but a wide range of EPIC weapons including the Binoculars which call in an airstrike where ever you point and really powerful landmines which stick to everything!  As before it is also 4 player online and you are also able to host your own online game for others to join with any game mode, map of your choice and lots of other options or join anyone else’s!  The maps are also really diverse and cool and cut off different parts depending on the game mode to change the tactics and key points!

Cons- There aren’t a lot of things which should be changed in this game but here are a few things which you’ll notice! Firstly unlike COD and BF3 you cant make a class or personalize your character other than his appearance meaning there are no perks or gun attachments etc. although you can level up to unlock different emblems,the frustrating thing about this is you have to find and get guns around the maps and start out with the default rifle rather than having a gun you want meaning you are more reluctant to risk your self with good guns.  The graphics are also very unrealistic but its made up for by the 4 people online and there is also a small amount of auto aim which you can turn on and off for the rifles meaning its easier for noobs to kill you and that cover isn’t very effective.  Finally there isn’t a campaign or any story line in the game meaning it lacks any background story for those who always play the campaign back to front but it also means there is a more hardcore/intense multi-player experience which personally I am more keen for!

Overall Warhawk is a really fun and co-operative game which gives you a breather and a different take from COD and BF and I’m proud to nominate it the honorific title of game of the week.  Be sure to recommend your favorite games which you think should be the game of the week or ask any questions about the game! Be sure to check out this site for lots of extra info about the game itself and its content!


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Skyrim is one of the deepest and most immersing games ever created, after Oblivion another amazing game, Bethesda only improved pretty much everything to create Skyrim.  The graphics are ridiculously realistic while like with GTA and other games you can do almost anything!  Whether that means going into huge caves and dungeons to get gear and power level or joining the Thieves Guild to steal from innocent civilians, even just running randomly through fields will definitely lead to an encounter with a huge mammoth or two!  One of the coolest things about Skyrim is all the different attacks/combos and gear you can get, for example dragon shouts which slow time and create lightning and also being able to cut peoples head’s off and pick them up!   All of the quest lines are also really unique and have big twists in them so stay alert!

That’s it for now I would highly recommend Skyrim especially if you like dragons or GTA etc. be sure to buy it quickly because there will be a lot more info and tips coming this way!  Click here for the trailer its pretty sick…  or the parody which is really catchy here!


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Now I’ve completed this game on my phone. I really like the fact that a mobile version has been made for it’s anniversary, it’s definitely worth buying. It’s available on the app store and on the android google play store for a great price. Or if you’re more old-school then buy it for ps2. In any case it’s a great gta.

Assassin’s Creed III

Posted: July 20, 2012 by creepycreeper in Assassins Creed, Games to Get...


Hello everyone! This is a report on the upcoming new game, That’s right. You’ve guessed it. It’s Assassin’s Creed III! This is big news in the gaming world. It is a highly anticipated game. The series was epic so far and now the story of a new assassin is told: Connor Kenway. There are loads of new features in the game and as always we see the story is told in the mind of Desmond Miles. The game is set far more recently than the other games, it’s in the american civil war. Oh I will enjoy slaying redcoat’s with a tomahawk. You can watch the trailer here. It’s epic. You can pre-order  it here .

For those of you who don’t know the storyline, the game is set in the future where a man called Desmond Miles is kidnapped and brought into the century-long war fought between the assassins and the templars. He is kidnapped by the templars and forced into a machine called the animus in order to live through the memories of his ancestors (who were assassins). The missions are called memories because he relives chapters of his ancestors lives in order to unlock the memories that are important. I sincerely recommend this series to anyone who has not tried it, but please start with the first game, it will make far more sense that way. It is very cheap and definitely worth a try. You can buy it here.

Call of Duty

Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty, Games to Get...

If you haven’t played Call of Duty then you probably shouldn’t be here because has it is literally the largest selling video games in  world and entirely changed the way we now play video games!  I’m gonna share loads of info on COD games, tactics, map packs, and opinions on everything including prestigeing and what weapons you should use and want your opinions as well.