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Skyrim Classes

Posted: August 8, 2012 by thegamergod in The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim because of its huge amount of available customization there is a huge variety of different classes and races to make your character so here’s all the best classes we recommend for your characters!

Firstly there are a few questions you should ask yourself about what kind of character you want! Class:

Your first descision should be what class you want to be (a fighter, spell caster etc.) all the classes are arguably good but here are the best and the worst:

Fighter- Is always a good class, a single handed weapon with a shield is definetly the best and most boring and if you want to be different like me then two handed weapons are also really fun and good!  No mater what you do dont dual wield single handed weapons no matter how cool they look because its impossible to defend yourself!

Mage- Mages are very powerful and fun to use especially when you have a fighter as a companion to tank for you, Destruction and Restoration are the best magics to use.  Another relly fun and cool class is a battle mage which uses a one handed weapon and restoration magic or destruction at the same time rather than a shield.

Archer- I highly recommend not becoming a fully committed archer because they are very under powered in Skyrim (they are epic in Oblivion) but archery especially when used for sneak attacks can be very useful and fun.

Race: Your second descision should be what race (Human, Nord, Orc etc.) you want to be, your race effects what skills you naturally start as better at, what you look like and give you a daily power or ability. However please bear in mind that your race does not really matter in the long run as you can train in other skills and change your mind about what you want your character to do without having to start a new one (for example I have an orc with a two handed battleaxe and heavy armor and love sneaking and pick pocketing people 🙂 ) yet it is still helpful if you have a general idea on what kind class you want your character to be.

Please ask me for any questions about what class and race combos work for you and if you want and help or advice if your unsure what character you want to have!  A list of all the possible races is here! Be sure to join the debate coming up for which is the best Skyrim race!


Best Sniper Class for MW2!

Posted: July 25, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty


Hey guys I figured as I had already recommended the best assault class for MW2 that I’m now going to recommend what the best Sniper class is!  The Sniper class is for those who either like quick scoping or camping and picking off enemy “tangos” from the roof of a building!

Basic Info-

Primary- Intervention or M21 EBR Image

Attachments- FMJ\Extended Mags\Thermal Scope

Secondary-Machine Pistol\Handgun

Perks- Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, Steady Aim\Commando

Equipment- Claymore\Semtex\Throwing Knife and Stun Grenade

Primary- Personally I love the Intervention because it has straight up, minimum recoil, is very accurate and with Stopping Power always gets the kill meaning this gun is great for either quick scoping or those long shots!

The M21 EBR is also EPIC because although it doesn’t do as much damage as an of the Bolt Actions it has almost no recoil at all meaning you can send entire magazines down range in a few seconds!

Attachments- These vary depending on what gun and kind of sniping you want to achieve but I would recommendImage FMJ or Extended Mag for the M21 to increase its damage or have more available ammo and FMJ or the Thermal Scope for the Intervention either to increase the overall damage (especially good for quick scoping) or to be able to see lots of enemies you otherwise would have not seen!

Secondary- I would recommend pistols in general because you can draw them much faster than shotguns and are more accurate (if you need a shotgun you are probably too close to your enemies to be sniping and should use the assault class). For the Machine Pistols they are much better for self defense against ambushes and close quarters against enemies with machine guns, the best is to dual wield G18’s!  Handguns are better for long ranged fights and from more undercover battles and the USP.45 and M9 have the least recoil and still do plenty of damage meaning they are very reliable.

Perks- Sleight of Hand is absolutely necessary to be able to scope in quickly and reload to get more kills!  Stopping Power- this perk allows just that much more damage, turning your assists into kills and can also help to blow up planes and helicopters!  Finally either Commando or Steady Aim are the best, Commando- allows you to knife enemies before they can knife you and jump from any height you might be at instead of taking the stairs!  Steady Aim is better for long distance snipers or no-scopers because it reduces the cross hair size and you can hold your breath longer.

Please be sure to leave any comments on your own recommendations or questions you have!  Happy Sniping!

Fast Travel in Skyrim!

Posted: July 20, 2012 by thegamergod in The Elder Scrolls


Hi!  For everyone out there who needs to travel in Skyrim to some city in the middle of nowhere like Markaarth but doesn’t know how to get there without walking for hours and likely getting killed by a Frost Troll or something then this is how to do it!  Normally you can just fast travel anywhere but the problem is you have to have already explored the place!  My tip, the way to be able to travel to any city is to look for a guy in a wagon, right before the entrance to any city, next to the stables, if you talk to him then you can travel to any other city irrelevant of if you have ever traveled there before for around only 10 gold pieces!!!  Not only does this save you loads of time and not risk dying but is also great for leveling up because you can access loads of great, new and fun quest you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do for a while and also allows you to join the city Guilds which give you great gear and loads of levels!

Hope this helps save you some time! (trust me I learned this the hard way) leave a comment for any questions or any other fast travel tips!!!


Posted: July 20, 2012 by thegamergod in Games to Get..., The Elder Scrolls


Skyrim is one of the deepest and most immersing games ever created, after Oblivion another amazing game, Bethesda only improved pretty much everything to create Skyrim.  The graphics are ridiculously realistic while like with GTA and other games you can do almost anything!  Whether that means going into huge caves and dungeons to get gear and power level or joining the Thieves Guild to steal from innocent civilians, even just running randomly through fields will definitely lead to an encounter with a huge mammoth or two!  One of the coolest things about Skyrim is all the different attacks/combos and gear you can get, for example dragon shouts which slow time and create lightning and also being able to cut peoples head’s off and pick them up!   All of the quest lines are also really unique and have big twists in them so stay alert!

That’s it for now I would highly recommend Skyrim especially if you like dragons or GTA etc. be sure to buy it quickly because there will be a lot more info and tips coming this way!  Click here for the trailer its pretty sick…  or the parody which is really catchy here!


Posted: July 20, 2012 by creepycreeper in Games to Get..., Grand Theft Auto


Now I’ve completed this game on my phone. I really like the fact that a mobile version has been made for it’s anniversary, it’s definitely worth buying. It’s available on the app store and on the android google play store for a great price. Or if you’re more old-school then buy it for ps2. In any case it’s a great gta.

Jet Guide For BattleField 3

Posted: July 20, 2012 by hamzamubarak in Battlefield 3

1.0      INDEX

1.0         INTRODUCTION

2.0         INDEX

3.0         STARTING TO FLY

4.0         AERIAL WARFARE

5.0         AIR TO GROUND


7.0         JETIQUETTE


3.0 Starting to Fly:

Try to find an empty server to practice.


R2 = accelerate, L2 = Decelerate, R1 = Deploy Countermeasures, L1 = Fire weapon, Triangle = Change weapons, O = Eject, Directional buttons = Look around. R3 = Afterburner, L3 = Change camera, R analog left/ right = Yaw, L analog up/down = pitch, L analog left/right = roll.

3. 1 Getting in the air :

1)   Hold down R2 to gain speed. You can also use the afterburners.

2)   Pull your plane up by pulling down on the right analog stick.

3)   Congratulations you’ve completed your first step to becoming a good pilot!

4)   If you crash then try again.

3.2 Turning and general flying :

This is something you will get the hang off just by practicing. Should take only 10 minutes or so. I’ll go over turning speeds and other things afterwards, for now just try to keep yourself in the air instead of crashing into the ground.

Turning  speed and other tips:

1)   For the fastest turning you should turn at speeds from 295– 320. If you’re in a circling fight then turn at those speeds then use the afterburner to pull out of the turn and then slow down again. This makes your turns almost 90 degrees instead of a circle and you’ll be able to get behind   most enemies in jets. (except for pros ofc)

2)    Don’t go too high up as you’ll hit the ceiling and get stuck.

3)   Practice with a friend, it’s more fun!

3.3 Load outs / Important unlocks

Before you get heatseekers it will be hard to kill so try and get spots to rack up the 700 pts. Eventually you’ll need to learn to use the main cannon well but that takes a while.

These are in the order you will use them as you unlock them.

Flares – Heatseekers – Stealth

Flares – Rocket pods – Stealth

Yay you finally got air radar! The must need!

Flares – Rocket pods – Air radar

Flares – Rocket pods – Air radar (Conquest)

Flares – Guided Missile – Air radar (Rush) – I’ll explain why later.

After you get ECM you can swap it with flares if you wish (I use ECM) It’s your choice and I will go over it later.

3.4 Options

GM vs Rocket pods

Rocket pods should be used for conquest as the cannon is weak so these will be the most powerful against enemy armour.

GM should be used for rush as the rush jets have powerful cannons and those are all you need to destroy armour and infantry. The GM has a large zoom allowing you to spot vehicles and infantry from extreme ranges allowing you to set up a strafing run. You can also deploy the GM from a large distance and then begin firing the main gun. The main gun will at minimum disable the vehicle, by that time the GM would have reached the vehicle destroying it.

Flares vs ECM

Flares – Flares cause enemy missiles which have already been fired too miss the you. Sometimes they break locks.

ECM – ECM breaks lock ons, they can deflect fired missiles only if the missile enters the chaff cloud which is produced. They also take you off the air radar.

I use ECM mainly for the air radar disruption and when I go over combat I will tell you how I use it for one of my favourite tactics when it comes to defeating great pilots.

3.5 Air Radar : Air radar is definitely the most important unlock. The hardest time you will have in a jet is before you unlock air radar. Air radar puts all enemy air vehicles on your minimap which will help you a lot.


3.6 Below Radar :  This ability, once unlocked, is always active. It prevents the jet from being locked onto and takes you of air radar. You need to be below 150M altitude to be counted as below radar. Many people make the mistake that flying close to the surface will make them below radar. But it’s actually 150M altitude which means that if you’re flying straight over the surface of the mountainous area of Operation Firestorm then it won’t work even though you’re close to the “ground”.

Remember, some areas are higher than others even if the belly of the jet is touching the ground below it.

 4 Aerial Warfare

4. 01 Jet vs Jet

Ah a dogfight, this can either be fun or extremely annoying but I’m here to tell you how to come out on top either way.

Firstly, If you use heatseekers then forget all about them. If you wanna be good you’ve got to be able to use your main cannon.

4.02 On the attack

Alright, you’ve got the jump on the enemy and he’s trying to get you off his trail or get behind you or maybe he doesn’t know you’re there yet as he has no air radar or you deployed ECM to sneak up on him without him noticing.

1)   If he doesn’t know you’re there then take as much time as you need to set up your shot. Get your reticle on him and get as close as possible. Fire your weapon whenever you feel ready. Remember, the best time to fire is when the enemy is turning and you can see the whole side of his jet. Aim a bit in front of him so that he flies into your bullets. Voila insta – kill.

2)   If he does know you’re there then you will probably get into a circling fight. Turn the way I taught you earlier and you will get him eventually. It takes time sometimes depending on the skill level of you or the other pilot.

Practice makes perfect and eventually you’ll barely ever lose a fight. Beware when they use the tactics that I will post below.

This is all easier if you have a wingman, however by the time you finish this guide you’ll be able to win even when you’re outnumbered 2 -1. That section is later on in the guide.

In Rush it takes very few hits to kill so a surprise attack is almost a 100% insta kill. So keep an eye on your radar.




4.03 On the Defensive

Uh oh! The enemy has gotten behind you!

Firstly, try and see if you can get behind him just by circling and using maneuvers such as flips.  If you follow what I said earlier in the guide then 90% of enemies will be in front of you within a few seconds if you turn well. If you can’t then you’re against an intermediate or pro.

4.04 Advanced maneuvers to shake off pilots

Some of these maneuvers are ones that I found out myself so please do not leak it. This is for BFB clan only. We don’t want everyone to be using these.

1)   Basic Barrel rolls – If you can’t think of anything, just roll! This will cause most of the bullets to miss as you’re rotating and you’re also straight making you a smaller target, any shot at the wings will miss. To counter someone else doing this just aim at the center of the back of the jet where both wings meet as that is always available to hit. Bad pilots might get bored and fly away if they can’t land a single hit.

2)    Close Crashes – If you can’t kill em yourself, put a giant building in front of them! Just be careful not to crash yourself. Fly under bridges , around towers, close to the ground. Bad pilots will usually crash and good pilots might be distracted trying to aim at you and end up crashing.

Even if they don’t crash, they will be too busy trying to dodge whatever you’re flying around that they won’t even shoot. Good to use when you need to get your jet health back up.

3)   Full stop – Simple, yet effective. Slam on your breaks. Watch as the enemy flies right past you.  Aim. Fire. LOL as they burst into flames. Works well on bad to good pilots, pros will be good enough to realize you’re slowing down and will slow themselves down too. So be careful as it can also cause your death.

4)   Higher than the Sun – Also simple, fly into the sun’s direction. The enemy will find it hard to spot you. Use ECM to get off their radar. Come up behind them.

5)   Where are you going soldier!? – Fly out of bounds. Most people won’t follow you in or if they do they’ll have to exit eventually. Just remember to be back in the game area within ten secs

6)   ERMAHGERD TREES – This is practically impossible to counter and will put you behind any enemy jet. However it is hard to pull off. You have to fly the edge of your wing into a tree. It will cause you to slow down to cruising speed the second it happens. It is not possible for the jet behind you too stop that fast. Works on everybody.

4.05 You vs 2

If you master the tactics above then you will easily be able to defeat two pilots. If it’s two pro pilots then you’re probably done. Unless…..

How to own two pros

The thing about humans is that we’re greedy. Both of the pilots may be on the same team but in reality nobody wants to get an assist while the other gets the kill. Use this against them. They’ll both be following you, just do some circling until you see this in the right corner “Jet Pilot 1 is dead, Jet pilot 2 is dead”. You can’t have two people doing maneuvers right next to each other without eventually crashing into each other. You can also fly through a gap which only 1 jet can pass through.

Even if they don’t crash you can just have them dodging obstacles until your wingman gets back.

If you’ve read up to here than congratulations! You’re a jet destroyer!

4.21 Taking out Helicopters

Pshh Helicopters. They should be called Flying Coffins. Taking out a helicopter is easy in conquest and even easier in Rush.

Just get them in your sights and open fire, preferably when they aren’t moving around and are engaging another target. The best time is when they are attacking your side’s heli. For some reason people forget about the jets zooming past them. Couple of good hits = Disable in conquest and Destroy + kill in Rush.

If you come at them from the front it can be risky but you can also shoot the pilot straight through the cockpit and watch as the helicopter drops like a ball.

If the helicopter tries locking on to you then just fly above them and fly circles around them faster than they can lock on. They’ll either stop trying and then you can swoop in for the kill or they’ll pull up too much and fly backwards into the ground.

You should never be killed by a chopper. Ever.

5.0 Air to Ground

5.1 Jet vs Tanks

Conquest – In conquest you should be using rocket pods. Keep spamming select to spot everything and once you locate a tank this is what you should do.

1)   Take a quick look at where the tank is and position your jet so that you’re either aiming at the top of their armour or at their back.

2)   Slow down a bit (not too much as other jets may attack you or you might get hit rpgs , tank cannons, etc.)

3)   Take aim and fire all 14 rocket pods. If the tank is moving then aim a bit in front of it.

4)   If you have enough time then fire your cannons too.

5)   You should have a disabled or destroyed tank below you.

Rush – In rush you should just use the GMs to spot because it provides a large zoom. Lock onto the tank with the guided missile and then fire. Switch to the main cannon and let rip. The cannon should at minimum disable the tank and then if you time it right the GM should land just after that. It’s a quick 1-2 punch that takes out the tank without giving the occupants time to bail out. Even in the GM doesn’t hit, the cannon is powerful enough to fully destroy.

5.2 Jet vs Jeep

Jeeps are extremely easy to kill and grant up to 3 kills if you can get it. The trick to destroying a jeep is firing far in front of it so that they drive into the rockets. Or you can just wait until they try to cap a flag to unload your cannon, pods or your GM.

Tip: If you are capturing a flag then exit your jeep. It’s hard to see a jeep while flying and it can’t be spotted with nobody inside it.

5.3 Jet vs Infantry

Killing infantry is probably the hardest thing for new pilots to accomplish. But helping new pilots is what this guide is for!

Conquest – It is harder to kill infantry in conquest as you will need direct hits but it is still possible. If you’re using rocket pods then it will be hard as you can’t spot from afar. So instead you’ll have to play the guessing game. If you see a flag being taken you should fire your cannon at areas which enemies usually hide in while capturing.

For example : On Kharg island most people, while capturing the “Office” flag, prone behind the tiny wall where the entrance is.

You can also fire rocket pods at buildings within the capture zone. If you use GM it’s much easier but you’ll get less kills against vehicles which are your main priority.

Rush – In rush the bullets from your jet are explosive and have splash damage. You should be using GM in rush to spot the infantry. When you spot somebody, switch to your cannon and fire on their position. It takes very few hits to kill them.

If you’re attacking you can wait until the m-com is armed. When it is it will be flooded by enemies trying to defuse. Just keep making strafing rounds and bask in your large amount of kills.  Warning: Hate mail incoming.

6.0 Capturing Flags

Wait wut? Capturing flags in jets? Das not possible!

That’s what they want you to think!

Capturing flags is probably the only good thing about the F35. If you hold down L2 you will start to hover. This will allow you to stay in one place while you capture the flag. Beware of enemies, only do it when you’re sure nobody is around.

Congratulations! You’re a pro! Keep reading for rules and tips.

7.0 Jetiquette

These are some things to remember while flying to ensure that everybody on both teams has a good time. Remember, it’s just a game.

1)   Don’t spawnkill other jets. Wait for them to take off + 5 seconds or so. Then they’re fair game.

2)   Never get angry and use Beam scanning + heatseekers. You’re not helping your team on the ground and all you’re doing is annoying the other team’s pilots. If the other team starts using this then rule 1 no longer applies.

3)   If you’re wingman is getting chased don’t just ignore it. Help him out and maybe make a new friend. Especially if he’s getting ganged up on.

4)   Be kind and remember that you were a newb once. If you see a newb pilot you can just leave him alone. You only need to kill other jets if they’re a threat to you or the ground. However, it can be fun to get extra points 😛

 8.0 Extra Tips and conclusion :

1)   If disabled you should try and fly over the combat area and bail. If you can’t get there then don’t bail out of bounds just let your enemy get his hard earned kill.

2)    If you want to land and repair or if you just need to go to the bathroom and want to keep your jet. All you have to do is slow down until you see the wheels come out from your plane then gently land. It has to be gentle otherwise you’ll crash instead.

3)   Beware of those street lights/poles. You can barely see them and when you do it’s too late. This is mostly for Kharg Island which is filled with them.

4)   Get used to being kicked/ team swapped. Every admin wants the jet guy on their team.

5)   If you’re good the game will become vehicle empty. Nobody will get in Jets, helicopters or tanks anymore. If this happens late in the game then stay but if it happens early or in the middle of the match you should leave the server as you’re just wasting time then. But you should still be happy as it shows how much they fear you!

Thank you for reading! I hope I helped. If you followed all the steps in this guide + practiced them then you should be a great jet pilot. If you have any questions then add me:

© Wat543

Ask permission before sharing on other sites or using parts of my guide in yours. If used give credit.

PS3 vs Xbox360

Posted: July 20, 2012 by armedncrazy in Debates, PS3/Xbox

So over the years since the release of both the ps3 and the xbox360 there has been an intense debate to which one is better. I would like to here your opinion on this argument and what you would prefer. You could choose to support sony and their PS3 or support Microsoft with the Xbox360. Who knows? Maybe your still a die hard nintendo fan?