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Best Sniper Class for MW2!

Posted: July 25, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty


Hey guys I figured as I had already recommended the best assault class for MW2 that I’m now going to recommend what the best Sniper class is!  The Sniper class is for those who either like quick scoping or camping and picking off enemy “tangos” from the roof of a building!

Basic Info-

Primary- Intervention or M21 EBR Image

Attachments- FMJ\Extended Mags\Thermal Scope

Secondary-Machine Pistol\Handgun

Perks- Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, Steady Aim\Commando

Equipment- Claymore\Semtex\Throwing Knife and Stun Grenade

Primary- Personally I love the Intervention because it has straight up, minimum recoil, is very accurate and with Stopping Power always gets the kill meaning this gun is great for either quick scoping or those long shots!

The M21 EBR is also EPIC because although it doesn’t do as much damage as an of the Bolt Actions it has almost no recoil at all meaning you can send entire magazines down range in a few seconds!

Attachments- These vary depending on what gun and kind of sniping you want to achieve but I would recommendImage FMJ or Extended Mag for the M21 to increase its damage or have more available ammo and FMJ or the Thermal Scope for the Intervention either to increase the overall damage (especially good for quick scoping) or to be able to see lots of enemies you otherwise would have not seen!

Secondary- I would recommend pistols in general because you can draw them much faster than shotguns and are more accurate (if you need a shotgun you are probably too close to your enemies to be sniping and should use the assault class). For the Machine Pistols they are much better for self defense against ambushes and close quarters against enemies with machine guns, the best is to dual wield G18’s!  Handguns are better for long ranged fights and from more undercover battles and the USP.45 and M9 have the least recoil and still do plenty of damage meaning they are very reliable.

Perks- Sleight of Hand is absolutely necessary to be able to scope in quickly and reload to get more kills!  Stopping Power- this perk allows just that much more damage, turning your assists into kills and can also help to blow up planes and helicopters!  Finally either Commando or Steady Aim are the best, Commando- allows you to knife enemies before they can knife you and jump from any height you might be at instead of taking the stairs!  Steady Aim is better for long distance snipers or no-scopers because it reduces the cross hair size and you can hold your breath longer.

Please be sure to leave any comments on your own recommendations or questions you have!  Happy Sniping!


Best Sniper Rifle in COD!

Posted: July 20, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty
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Please comment on this post because I want to know which sniper rifle you love the most (it rhymes :D)!  In all of the COD games my favorite sniper rifle is by far the Intervention, not only is it the sexiest sniper rifle ever invented but it does loads of damage, is very accurate, sounds really cool and has a very short recoil time meaning its ideal for quick scoping.   It is also bolt action which I feel for COD is better because they always have straight up recoil (unlike the Barrett.50) and makes you pause between shots rather than firing too soon.  However my second favorite gun which I also love is the M14 EBR which although it lacks damage is semi-automatic and has NO recoil meaning you can unload entire magazines at enemy “tangos”.

Just writing this is turning me on to quickscope, be sure to comment!

The Best weapons and perks for Assaulting in MW2!

Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty


Modern Warfare 2 is and will always be my favorite COD game so I figured I would add some of my favorite weapons and perks which are based upon how you like to play the game!

Assault:  The assault class is for those of you who like fast gameplay with lots of running and getting behind the enemy lines to pile in the kills but also end up with a few more deaths.  MW2 is by far the most deadly for the assault class because shotguns are secondary and perks like commando are INSANE!  Some of the best weapons are obviously in the assault class but we recommend:

ACR- extremely accurate and has a long range making it great to take out snipers and get nice and close and also for headshots but it does lack damage some other guns deliver I recommend a holographic sight to even further increase the accuracy or a grenade laucher.

Scar-H- Very versatile and has great accuracy with lots of damage meaning it is great close or from further distances, the Scar H is also unlocked at level 8! Meaning it is a great gun to level you up really quickly.  Best with either a red dot sight or grenade launcher.

AK47- This gun looks really cool and is great close up but i would recommend using a grenade launcher for those further kills because it does have a lot of recoil, unfortunately it is one of the very last guns you unlock meaning if you prestige you don’t get to really gain any of the attachments which you will already have on other guns.

UMP- This gun is great for close fights esp with a red dot sight or a silencer to reduce the recoil but the magazine is pretty small  so its better for individual encounters.

As a secondary weapon I recommend using either a shotgun like the Striker because of its huge magazine or the Spas-12 because of its range to get close quarters kills.  You can also use a pistol like the M9 or USP.45 depending on which one you prefer but ill be talking more about secondary guns at a later date.  Also I would recommend a semtex because you can throw it much faster and it doesn’t need to be cooked.  The best perks are:

Sleight of Hand Pro- Is EPIC because not only do you reload faster to get more kills but also scope down your sights much faster allowing you just that crucial extra second to get more kills.

Lightweight Pro-  This allows you to run and turn so much faster then everyone else meaning it saves you a lot of running time and allows you to get under cover quickly, the Pro also allows you to scope in after sprinting which allows you to kill any unexpected enemy’s you run past before they can kill you.

Commando Pro- There is a reason this perk doesn’t exist anymore and that’s because it was EPIC and allowed you to knife people from huge distances instantly ending a brawl, you also don’t take any fall damage which is really fun because you can jump off anything and never die!

I hope this helps if your interested in assaulting for MW2, for Black Ops and MW3 ill be doing some gun posts but you want to try and use perks and guns which are lightweight and good close quarters!  Be sure to share what perks and guns you use and tell use how this info works for you!  Go kill some NOOBS!

Call of Duty

Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty, Games to Get...

If you haven’t played Call of Duty then you probably shouldn’t be here because has it is literally the largest selling video games in  world and entirely changed the way we now play video games!  I’m gonna share loads of info on COD games, tactics, map packs, and opinions on everything including prestigeing and what weapons you should use and want your opinions as well.

Frag or Semtex

Posted: July 19, 2012 by thegamergod in Call of Duty, Debates
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Image                                          Image








In MW2, MW3, Black Ops, there has been the difficult decision between using frag or semtex grenades, personally i have always been wondering which was better so I decided to look into it.

Overall I think it really depends on your opinion for which is better and what playing style you have, frag grenades are slower to throw and need to be cooked meaning they are better for  pre-assaults and blind throws (over buildings etc.) meaning they aren’t great for battles or surprise attacks. However they do have a larger blast area and do more damage than a semtex meaning you are also more likely to get multi-kills.  Frag grenades are also less predictable as the enemy never knows how long until they explode and they also roll and bounce of walls which is great for surprise attacks or when your under heavy fire.

The Semtex is very different and what personally, I usually use.  Not only does the semtex look really cool but it also is much quicker to throw and sticks to everything meaning it cant be thrown back in your face and is very good for assaults and quick use.  The semtex also has a pre-set timer making it much more predictable than the frag esp. as it cant roll away for where you intended it to go, another really handy feature is that you can put the semtex away again rather than throwing it, like with the throwing knife you arent force to either waste it or have it blow up in your hand.

Overall I think what ever you prefer is great either way they get way more kills then I would trying to use a throwing knife so tell me what you think!  Semtex or Frag???